住居・店舗・オフィスの新しいカタチ「トレーラーハウス」|電気・ガス・水道接続可能 市街化調整区域にも設置可能 固定資産税非課税

Stores and offices such as houses, second houses, restaurants, beauty salons, salons, rental properties, temporary stores at the time of office relocation, etc., can be used for a variety of applications depending on the device.

The trailer house is a building that rides the frame of the chassis, and in Japan, it becomes a vehicle treatment by satisfying a "large camping trailer", that is, a certain installation matter, and it is possible to install it without the application of the Building Standards Law.
Depending on the local government, depending on the usage method and installation method, regulations may apply, so please consult us for details.

The trailer house is custom-designed for exterior and interior design.

The trailer house is made to order as well as the ordered house, so we will construct it based on the result of meeting with the customer. In addition to exterior and interior design, custom designs such as partition walls, doors, windows, materials and layouts, water-around equipment and wood deck additions are also available.

A variety of advantages unique to trailer houses

1.Lower cost than conventional buildings

Usually, when building a single-family house, it is necessary to confirm the building, and there is a cost such as a local festival and the upper building ceremony from the greeting around the neighborhood. In addition, when dismantling in the future, demolition costs and lost registration are required.
In the case of trailer houses, transportation costs are in place, but in total, further cost savings are possible.


2.It can also be installed in urbanization adjustment areas, and there are no costs such as property taxes.

By meeting certain conditions, it will be treated as a vehicle and will not be applicable to the Building Standards Act.
In addition, if it is recognized as a vehicle treatment, there is no running cost such as property tax.


3.It is possible to move as it is.

Even when moving or moving stores, if you secure the land to move to, you can move the equipment as it is. You can move in as soon as you have a lifeline that can be connected to the trailer house. It is recommended for those who are thinking of moving or moving in the future.


4.You can sell it as it is without breaking it.

As demand for used trailer houses is increasing year by year, the second-hand market has also been established. Because land and trailer house can be sold separately even if it is no longer needed, it is possible to sell it like a used car without dismantling the land as it is. Because it can be returned to the land immediately, it is effective for temporary land utilization.


5.Excellent compatibility with topicality and SNS, also recommended for business use

Currently, the trailer house market is growing rapidly and is attracting attention.
Use as a store or office is easy to spread in SNS, etc., and the effect of attracting customers can be expected.


It is recommended for such a person.

  • I want to make effective use of vacant lots and home parking lots.
  • I want to open a restaurant, a beauty salon, start a business, and use it as an office.
  • Construction 蔽 and renovation by over-construction rate and volume ratio
  • I want to save money as much as possible and build a house.
  • We are also considering moving and selling in the future.
  • I want a work room where I can work from home and telework.
  • I want to make a study room and a mother's house for children.
  • I want to use the trailer house as a profitable property.
  • I want to use a trailer house for home care.
  • I want to use it as a second house and a villa.
  • I want to use the trailer house as a tax measure and a welfare benefit.



It is a big success even in a disaster! Trailer house that can be a variety of correspondence
Shizuoka Asahi TV's information program "Tobit! It was introduced in the relay of "Szuo"!

The other day, the trailer house was featured on TV. Trailer houses are currently used as temporary housing for people who are throes living in their homes due to frequent natural disasters. It is possible to move and it is easy to install, so it is chosen over the conventional one. It is also chosen as a place for PCR testing of coronas. The trailer house that can cope with the situation such as difficult in this way is expected to play an active part in various places more and more from now on!